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The voting for the Social Change Awards 2009 is now closed. Thank you to all of those who voted. The winners was announced at the Social Change Awards Ceremony on Thursday 26 November.

You can read the applications of the shortlisted nominees for 2009 below.

Award categories
: Everyday Impact Award | Influencer Award | Investing in Social Change Award | Public Body Award

Everyday Impact Award Nominees 2009

Safe@Last - Their goal is to provide children and young people with someone independent that they can talk to who can provide practical support to help them address their issues surrounding running away. In addition to support they also strive to provide safe emergency accommodation for children at risk from where they are running from or where they are running to. Safe@last has also offered targeted prevention work, which aimes to educate and inform children and young people about the risks of running away from home.

SPACE Youth and Community Centre - SPACE aims to be the 'Living Room on the High Street' - an accessible and safe place to be where people are accepted, can belong, contribute, and develop. They aim to provide a range of free activities to meet the needs of the local community as a project run by the community for the community. SPACE identifies gaps in local service provisions to compliment the programmes in existence.
Willow Foundation - This is a unique organisation that aims to deliver special days for those with serious illnesses aged 16-40. WIllow foundation is recognised by medical professionals throughout the UK as having an uplifting and empowering effect on the serious ill, helping to alleviate the stresses of diagnosis and treatment.

Influencer Award Nominees 2009

Teach First - Teach First has worked to raise the status of teaching through working as a graduate recruiter. Their aim is to work in partnership with existing teacher training providers, business, schools, and government to provide participants with the highest quality of teaching and leadership training. Their model is also now being applied across the globe.
YoungMinds Very Important Kids (VIK) - The VIK project aims to ensure the views of children and young people with mental health issues across the UK are heard within YoungMinds, across the whole children and young people's mental health sector, within government, policy makers and in the media. Members have worked with key policy makers and health professionals to bring alive the points of the VIK manifesto.
Inclusive Fitness Initiative - The IFI works towards supporting the fitness industry to become more inclusive of those with disabilities through promoting and providing better access to fitness facilities, inclusive fitness equipment, staff training and inclusive marketing for disabled people. The goal is to bring about changes in the fitness industry aiming to contribute to a reduction in physical activity inequalities and health inequalities.

Investing in Social Change Nominees 2009

Diversity Hub - This is a leadership-training organisation that works to bring individuals, families and communities together to celebrate diversity and promote greater understanding. Diversity Hub delivers programmes that are interactive, fun and educational whilst dealing with issues such as community cohesion, anger management, conflict resolution, domestic violence and team building with people of all ages and cultures. The programmes are led by people within the community for the community.
Impetus Trust - Impetus trust is working to provide high-potential charities with the opportunity to grow dramatically by investing time, skills and money. The goal is to provide charities with the resources to reach and affect more people than they could on their own through funding, management support and specialist expertise.
The Funding Network (TFN) - TFN addresses the needs of small to medium level donors who would like to give their money away in a more effective and fun way. They endeavour to create social change through collective giving by bringing together like-minded people interested in social change and carefully selected small, innovative charities at special events.
Public Body Award Nominees 2009
Lewisham and Greenwich Young Cyclists John Ball Primary School - Young Cyclists has worked to get more young people and families cycling in the London Boroughs of Lewisham and Greenwich, especially for the journey to and from school. They have a pool of children's bicycles which are used to teach quality cycle training and are given to disadvantaged children. In addition to teaching, Young Cyclists have organised bike rides for both parents and children as well as encouraging biking beyond the school yard.
National Museums Liverpool - The ethos of the Engaging Refugees and Asylum Seekers project in Liverpool is to develop activities based on the needs of refugees and asylum seekers and the wider communities. Through activities such as school and learning partnerships, volunteering, family learning, and staff training, the project has helped to bridge the gap between British and refugee communities.
Papworth Trust - As a disability charity and registered social landlord, Papworth Trust delivers a range of services to disabled peopled including employmentopportunities, vocational rehabilitation, housing and person support. Their goal is to improve the quality of life for the tenants by giving them choice and control to achieve independent living in their own homes rather than as patients in NHS accommodations.


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